Emerging Brilliance
Cultivating Embodied Wisdom

Rose Sposito

As a Transformational Coach and Healer I support and guide others in compassionately moving beyond and getting bigger than their everyday emotional, physical and mental challenges through a profound body-based awareness process. By freeing up inner parts of us that feel stuck, blocked and imprisoned we can wisely navigate and live our lives with a greater sense of ease, joy and purpose. 

This process is invaluable for everyone to experience and learn and for all professionals in the healing, therapeutic and coaching modalities. In essence, wherever the seeds of change are calling to guide us in living a more vibrant, awake, authentic and fully resourced life.

For more inquiries about Focusing sessions, classes and scheduling for appointments please contact: Rose at jinparose@gmail.com

rose sposito focusing group Embodied Listening

Inner Relationship Focusing is a gentle process that guides and facilitates much needed inner shifts by powerfully connecting with our body’s inherent wisdom. It supports us with meeting many of life’s physiological issues and challenges with kindness, openness and curiosity to address suffering and pain at every level. read more

Attending with Loving-Kindness  

As an embodied wisdom process we discover a way to create a safe and trusting space for all of who we are, as we are as one of our greatest resources for self-acceptance and self-care. As we gentle navigate our internal landscape we discover a wealth of inherent resources readily available to support, inform and guide us forward.  read more

The Felt Sense

The Felt Sense, our inner compass wisely navigates our moment to moment present whole living experience. Getting to know,  acknowledge and identify our felt sensing we gain a greater depth of understanding of our innate capacities and potentials to live our lives fully read more

About Rose Sposito:

Rose is a Certified Focusing Teacher and Facilitator of the “Inner Relationship Focusing” Method with The Focusing Institute and Focusing Resources

Graduate of Naropa University: Contemplative Psychology and Health and Healing

Institute of Taoist Education: NCCAOM, 5-Element Transformational Medicine