The Path of
Embodied Wisdom

Rose Sposito

  • In my practice I utilize the Gentle Power and Wisdom of Five Element Medicine and Embodied Listening as simple potent tools to co-create a path forward to a greater level of Health and Well-being.
  •  “Rose Sposito has provided me with the most sensitive and healing acupuncture and  focusing that I’ve ever experienced. Her capacity to bring genuine love and compassion combined with deep expertise and a depth of listening is very unique. I have repeatedly left her treatments with a sense of wholeness that was beyond my expectations. The journey that we can take with her has such potential to heal old wounds, current traumas and the wear and tear of our daily lives.” RR
  • “Having been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and many medications that left me ill and feeling disembodied and disempowered I went to see Rose. Rose has helped me tremendously with bipolar disorder and overall mental, emotional and physical health. I now feel more at home in myself, grounded, at ease, truly met and alive following every session. I feel more optimistic and my creative spirit has returned. Thank you Rose.” DD
  • “Rose excels in helping clients transform obstacles-physical, psychological and emotional-into powerful resources for living a richer, more vibrant life.” David Rome – “Your Body Knows the Answer”
rose sposito focusing group

 Embodied Listening

Focusing and 5-element medicine are both gentle processes that guide and facilitate needed inner shifts by connecting with our body’s inherent wisdom. They support us with meeting many of life’s physiological issues: physically, mentally, emotionally. They address suffering and pain at every level. read more

Attending with Kindness

As a Body Based Awareness Practice through Focusing we discover a way to create a safe and trusting space for ourselves only to discover that one of our greatest resources is self-acceptance. As we gentle navigate our embodied internal journey we begin to discover a hidden treasure of inherent resources readily available to support, inform and guide us forward.  read more

The Felt Sense

The Felt Sense is a doorway of sensing into the very present moment of our whole bodily felt  experience. It provides a greater understanding of the profound essence of who we are at every level of our being: body, mind and spirit. The felt sense supports us with gaining greater clarity with all aspects of our lives. read more


Focusing integrates beautifully and wisely informs many modalities: health, therapy, business and creativity for individuals and groups. In essence, wherever seeds of change are calling to guide us in living a more vibrant, awake, authentic and balanced forward life.

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About Rose Sposito

Certified Focusing Professional: Focusing Resources & The Focusing Institute

Senior Meditation Teacher

Naropa University: Western & Contemplative Psychology/Health & Healing

ITEA Institute Taoist Education & Medicine

NCCAOM. Acu. Dipl

Phone: 303 579-2100


Office Location: Boulder/Louisville CO