An Integrative Approach

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Focusing and 5-Element Medicine 

The five elements: Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood brilliantly illuminate and express themselves within us and all of nature. When out of balance we experience a myriad of body, mind and spirit imbalances that lead to decease and suffering at every level.

 The Method of Focusing addresses these challenges with empathy and curiosity bringing a greater depth of understanding, insight and wisdom into these imbalances. Focusing gives us the tools to gain a greater Inner Knowing to transform these patterns and empower us to change.

5-Element Acupuncture, a unique system of healing goes right to the core to address these imbalances for greater health and vitality on every level.





About Rose

Dipl. Acu. NCCAOM, Nationally Certified

Certified Focusing Professional and Trainer   

ITEA: The Taoist Institute of Education & Acupuncture

Naropa University: Contemplative Psychology


Phone: 303 579-2100


Office Location: Lonetree Court, Boulder, CO 80301