An Integrative Approach

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Focusing and 5-Element Medicine 

The five elements brilliantly illuminate and express themselves within us and in all living things. When they are imbalanced we struggle

to feel healthy and vibrant at every level: body-mind-spirit. Correcting this chi imbalance reestablishes harmony with each of 

the elements described below which bring clarity, resilience and wakefulness back into our lives. The Method of Focusing addresses these

imbalances within us with empathy, openness and curiosity bringing a greater depth of understanding, insight and wisdom into what ails us.  

The Five Elements

Fire: creates passion, warmth, creativity, magnetizing, summer and is all about the quality of connection and communication 

to ourselves and the world. 

Earth: is mother, stability, nurturance, sympathy, empathy, a feeling of grounded, late summer, the ability to care for ourselves and others.

The ability to give and receive with equanimity. 

Metal: self-respect, worthiness, humility, season of fall. Connection to the divine nature in ourselves and all things. To see and 

appreciate the value and quality in our lives and in all things.

Water: fearlessness, wisdom, depth, stillness, fluidity, will, determination, winter. Connected to the depths of who we are. 

Wood: growth, decisions, vision, organizing, new beginnings and fresh starts, spring. How we envision our lives and future. 





About Rose

Dipl. Acu. NCCAOM, Nationally Certified

Certified Focusing Professional and Trainer   

ITEA: The Taoist Institute of Education & Acupuncture

Naropa University: Contemplative Psychology


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