An Integrative Approach

mindfulness with rose sposito

Mindfulness & Focusing: Attending with Kindness

Mindfulness and Focusing although separate modalities not only compliment each other but bring invaluable insights into every aspect of our lives. They are both body based awareness practices that synchronize our body and mind. Mindfulness, the practice of returning fully to the present moment, creates the environment, internally and externally, from which to navigate our focusing process by developing a more steady, grounded, clear, precise and spacious mind. When the mind relaxes the body relaxes.

Our body holds our lives. Focusing as a body based awareness method gives us access to the wisdom inherent in our body simply by attending to our moment to moment bodily experiences and the continuous flow of messages that our beckoning our attention.   

Both mindfulness and focusing help to clarify confusion and bring to light our highest human values of kindness, openness, wisdom and inner strength. When we are in presence with ourselves there is the opportunity to feel, to know, to gently attend to what is calling to us for greater clarity around every situation in our lives. This is the beauty and strength of nowness.

Both of these modalities give us the tools to bring clarity and awareness to our existence for greater aliveness, wakefulness, congruency, revelation and change. 

-CTR “The development of Peace is the expression of Nowness”

-Huang Po “Awareness is the greatest agent for change”