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"I had the good fortune to attend Focusing level One and Two with Rose Sposito. Focusing is the best and fastest way to be with my inner experiences and has made me much more present with myself. I'm thankful that I found a way to not be constantly ruled by my head with its 'same old' thinking patterns. Now I can access the knowledge that my body holds and receive new insights. It's astonishing how much tension can be released with Inner Relationship Focusing and also how much fresh energy and new life force becomes accessible. The most surprising fact is, Focusing is easy to learn. Learning this approach from Rose was wonderful. Rose is a very knowledgeable and fantastic teacher with a genuine passion to guide her students through the different steps of Focusing."


"I have found the Focusing work as taught by Rose to be surprisingly powerful and useful in my growth and unfoldment. On the surface it looks like another therapeutic method of addressing our wounded-ness which it certainly is however, as I have worked with the various voices and parts inside there has started to be an inquiry as to who or what is the witnessing part and ultimately to the very question of "who am I really". What makes this process different than other Spiritually oriented ones is its inclusion of all the little voices or parts that don't want to let go until they get the attention that they never got. These places are referred to in Focusing as "stopped processes" and are I believe responsible for most of the resistance we find in exploring our higher self or true nature. What a great way to explore all of what we are both human and Divine. Rose is a dedicated and inspirational teacher of this process as well as a meditation teacher with many years of experience whom I recommend whole heartedly."

Jim J.

"Building on her deep training in acupuncture and Buddhist mindfulness-awareness practices, Rose Sposito has now added Eugene Gendlin's Focusing methodology to her skillset. A dedicated healer who brings both passion and precision to her work, Rose excels in helping clients transform obstacles - physical, psychological and emotional - into powerful resources for living a richer, more vibrant life."
"If you want to work with a caring, holistic, and wonderful acupuncturist make an appointment with Rose. She's amazingly gifted in a both crisis situation and in ongoing maintenance, which all of us need to maintain optimum health. Even those new to acupuncture will feel comfortable and confident in her approach to healing which reflects her tranquil, calm and competent spirt. I highly recommend coming to see Rose for an initial consultation".

T.B Human Design Strategies   

David Rome, author of 'Your Body Knows the Answer'

"If you are frustrated by long standing problems in your life and patterns that you have not been able to shift my recommendation would be "Begin to practice Focusing!" Focusing is helping me to develop a better understanding of my emotional reactions. Better understanding is helping me to form relationships with parts of myself/habitual responses that I have regarded as intractable, and to begin to move forward in beginning to become the kind of person that I want to be. Through Focusing, I am living more comfortably with myself, getting along better with others, and benefiting more from my meditation practice. Thank you, Rose, for offering me the opportunity to learn about Focusing!"

Carole J.

Having been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and many medications that left me ill I went to see Rose. Rose has helped me tremendously with my bipolar disorder. Slowly weening myself off meds I now feel more grounded and at ease after leaving every session. I now am more clear, optimistic and my creative spirit has returned. Thank you Rose


"Rose is an amazing Focusing teacher. She has the ability to truly define and work within the basic principles that are so important as a foundation of the practice. Rose creates a safe and peaceful environment that is crucial in work this deep and personal. Knowing how to Focus has given me a safe way to be in touch with feelings and emotions that might otherwise get buried...(as we all know buried stuff never stays buried and usually manifests). I consider Focusing a lifelong skill that can always be further honed as we get more in touch with who we really are and what we really need and want. I recommend this practice to all. "


"As a longtime meditator and psychotherapist I was amazed when I started focusing work how I could access different and difficult parts of myself with precision and clarity that facilitated integration and healing. I had heard about "felt sense" over the years but it wasn't until Rose asked me to do some "sessions" with her for her certification training that I was able to powerfully connect to the practice. I gladly agreed to work with her and I'm so happy that I did. What I like about focusing is the focuser is in charge, that one connects with one's own inner wisdom and the possibilities for engaging in life fully are limitless. I was struck by how deeply I could go so quickly and feel the support and resourcing I needed with thoughtful facilitative language beautifully provided by Rose to allow my body's innate wisdom to emerge. It is such an insightful practice that allows the doors of perception to open widely. I am very grateful to have connected to these teachings!"

Patti C.


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