The Metal Element

The Metal element is associated with the season of Autumn and the lung and colon officials. With the coming of Autumn we leave the long pleasurable days of summer behind and enter the time of year when the natural cycle of nature falls into a delicate balance between the two extremes.

The lungs are responsible for receiving, for taking in the breath of life, the prana which sustains all living creatures. On a spirit and mental level this too refers to our own ability to receive and inhale the purest essence of our lives to which we draw our inspiration for life and allow our aspirations to come to full fruition. On the exhale we let go all physical, emotional and mental impurities and release ourselves from those aspects of our lives that tend to hold us back.  We draw our greatest inspirations from appreciating those higher human virtues which we value in ourselves and others and to recognize these higher values is to acknowledge our own sense of self worth and self respect.  The ability to let go allows us to breathe in deeply the freshness of new formed experiences that shed a fresh light at every level of our being to move us forward toward a more meaningful purpose. 

Similarly, the colon is not only responsible for the elimination of physical waste but the psychological/emotional waste in our lives as well. Here we can acknowledge what in our life feels like, metaphorically and physically speaking, a build up of poisons, toxins and rubbish that pollute us and are then reflected in our words, behavior and expression.  “Here we can contemplate beyond judgement and with understanding, how we can gently be with and acknowledge that which is so difficult to eliminate, to let go of, in our lives. Those past experiences that continue to inform our present situations in life, but no longer serve us, no longer serve our sense of who we are, our associations, our identity, our integrity, our place in the world. However through curiosity and openness we can appreciate the wisdom, the rich manure of those experiences, beyond attachment to them and discover the hidden treasures of meaning that they hold. 

This is why literally and metaphorically speaking the receiving and the letting go of these two officials, the lung and colon, are crucial for maintaining our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. Just as the leaves let go the trees in the fall and the rotting process allows for the nutrients to find their way gently deep in the earth, to make way for the new in the spring, so we to, gently need to let go, that which holds us back from moving forward and toward the freshness and new beginnings of our lives. We grieve when there is a great loss in our lives and rightly so. We grieve when there is a great longing to connect with the divinity within us that might seem so elusive and leave us feeling cut off, empty and hollow, unable to breath in the heavenly forces that allow our spirit to feel whole and soar. And when the grieving takes hold of our lives, when it is so difficult to let go, then we deny ourselves the nowness of feeling the grieve,  the aliveness and the insight that the grieving process brings to us freshly in the moment. It is not about getting rid of what we experience and the depth of it, rather, it is giving it the space and time it needs to find it’s own way and what it ultimately wishes for us to know. This inability to let go will result in many physical, emotional and psychological ailments associated with these two organs: asthma, challenges with the skin and colon, a build up of emotional toxins to name a few. To understand their nature and their significance brings fresh insights and perspective.

We see in nature and society as a whole the expression of metal in all that we value:  from a beautifully arranged cloud that takes our breath away to a remarkably made sword of precious metals and gems.  When we wield our own personal sword with precision, true dignity and clarity, the pure essence of our existence inspires and generates light within us and throughout the world..

The metal element in us, represents the chalice, which contains the pure essence of who we truly are.